10 March 2012

ApiTrace 3.0

The Apitrace project came a long way since the first and last time I wrote about it here. One obvious reason is that I don't blog much (has it really been four years already!?). But the main reason is that this project received love from a lot of people since then, gaining features I could never dream of.

First, Zack Rusin implemented an awesome GUI and made writing/reading huge traces blazing fast.

Now, Carl Worth from Intel Linux Graphics Driver team implemented a top-level command, replacing the assortment of programs and scripts of with an unified command line interface, in the same spirit as git or Linux perf tool. He also added ability to trim traces, and is working on automatically trimming traces.

LunarG is developing several services based on Apitrace for GLES on Android and Chia-I Wu contributed back trace and retrace support for EGL, GLES1, and GLES2 APIs on Linux. Alexandros Frantzis from Linaro and Arnaud Vrac improved portability for embedded Linux platforms.

More goodies are bound to come soon, so stay tuned... to the github repository, not this blog! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Amazing tool!
What a superb effort. I spend 3 days pulling out hairs.
1 h post apitrace installation I had fond three 3 bugs. Intuitive and simple to use.
Very cool tool - thank you so much!

Lisa Nguyen said...

Hi Jose,

I'm very interested in using apitrace and would like to email you directly if possible. Can you send me an email? I apologize if you received a previous similar post. Ignore it.

José Fonseca said...

Added my contact on the right bar.