13 July 2008

Neverball on iPod

I had a lot of fun playing Neverball's minigolf alter ego, Neverputt, with my brother. Neverball itself was fun, but it was too hard to progress using the mouse. But this changed now that Neverball was ported to the iPod Touch/iPhone, using its internal accelerometer as input:

I can't help but thinking this is how the game was intended to be played.


Treviño said...

Oh... This was my dream about Openmoko Freerunner... However, unfortunately, it has a too slow and closed 3d chip to get this.
I've to wait some years more... :|

Anonymous said...

thinkpads ftw!

Muki Key Oot said...

It's funny, when I first learned about Neverball, it was while I was messing with getting my Wiimote up and running in Linux 'n Windows. As such, my first experiences with the game were just as intuitive as they were in the Wii's port of Monkey Ball.

Probably felt just like that iPhone demo ;) (albiet without the screen angle changing)