30 January 2008


I've enabled TextChas on the DRI Wiki. It is now necessary to answer a question when creating an user account and editing pages.

Two weeks have passed, and there was no new spam since TextChas were enabled, which is really nice for a change.

I'm sure spammers can try harder and beat TextChas if they are up to the challenge. But I definitely think that TextChas is a simple and effective solution for the current spam in freedesktop.org wikis. It will, at the very lest, allow us to fight spam against spammers more evenly.


Anonymous said...

Jose, you're an angel. :hug:
May God bless you with, among other things, lots of free bandwidth and storage space and a personal backyard beowulf cluster made out of OLPCs and Linux UMPCs, which can be accessed by African kids via a global wireless anonymous peer-to-peer :-P

Anonymous said...

Oops! forgot to mention the inspiration: